Your Story Matters! Tell It! Learning from Your Life Stories

The journey to authentic leadership begins with understanding the stories of your life. Your life story provides the context for your experiences and can connect to the hearts and minds of your audience in order to collaborate, inspire and lead together with people from all walks of life. Arina Isaacson will coach you through crafting the Story Content, Structure and Delivery of one of your ‘Who Am I’ Leadership Journey stories. With help of four women leaders, Arina will lead workshop participants through three-stage rehearsal process. You will craft and tell a story around the topic: A turning point moment when you ‘believed in yourself’ and your self-esteem blossomed.

Arina Isaacson, MA

Principal at Arina Inc., professional faculty lecturer at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and the Haas Center for Executive Education

Arina is a communications consultant and executive coach specializing in Authentic Leadership Communication and Storytelling for Leaders. For 30 years, Arina has worked with leaders and senior leadership teams in Fortune 500 companies. Arina is an award winning director, improvisational actress, visual fine artist and master storyteller. She is the founder and long-time artistic director of the San Francisco School of Improvisation. 

Carole Lévy

Senior executive coach, facilitator, culture-change partner, writer and cartoonist

Carole specializes in providing developmental leadership services to mission-driven organizations and women leaders from all sectors. Carole uses writing and drawing as powerful tools to express the nuances of human psyche. Her current work includes The Bumpy Road to Collaboration, a humorous illustrated book on the difficulty of being a collaborative team member. You can follow her popular blog at

Nikita Mitchell

Senior Manager, Cisco

Nikita is responsible for strategy and planning initiatives for Cisco’s $20B Americas Sales organization. She started her career at Deloitte Consulting and gained a reputation for her ability to drive executive-level conversations for long-term strategic planning. Nikita earned her MBA from Haas where she was the MBA Association’s first Black female president and a leader for the Haas Gender Equity Initiative

Heather Faison

Social Media Manager & Developer Relations, Google

Heather Faison is committed to spreading transformational love and compassion through story. As a journalist, she sat with families in Philadelphia where grocery stores were several bus trips away and parks were abandoned. And she advocated for stricter health codes in West Baltimore to protect kids suffering from asthma. Since then, she has taught young women in West Africa how to share their stories through technology; built viral campaigns for the United Nations, Google, and Nike Foundation; and created a digital storytelling camp for girls in Oakland. As founder of Good Stuff Digital, a digital media consulting firm, Heather is dedicated to telling the stories of marginalized communities and showing the world what inclusion looks like.  

Marymoore Patterson

Global Innovation Consultant, Culture Loft

Marymoore Patterson is an innovation strategist, design researcher, ethnographer, and storyteller, with 25 years of experience in high tech. She's a big fan of emerging technology, human-centered design, and solving problems that matter. She holds an MA and MBA and has spent a lot of her life in China and Japan (and speaks and translates from both languages). In her spare moments, she hangs with her husband and three daughters, practices creative writing, and rocks out with her band the Party Ants.